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Casa de la Luna Magazine is distributed to more than 10,000 people every month. Each issue provides an opportunity for new people, products, and services to reach the market.

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Our unique magazine will have you obsessed! People actually read it because it's fun, resourceful, and one of a kind. They even share it with their friends and families. Your ad will be seen in lots of places like nail salons and local parks. We have unbelievable prices for ads that last a whole month, and you don't have to sign a contract. No upsells or gimmicks!

We proudly serve the NYC community (see neighborhood details below) and have plans to expand to multiple locations. Take advantage of our distribution efforts today.

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Is to alleviate intimate care pain points women experience throughout their life stages.

With your help we can one day reach more people than McDonald's!

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Prices Include a FULL COLOR Ad in Print

Issue Deadline: 15th of each month (issues hit the streets on the 1st of the month)

Want to A/B split test? We also offer discounts for advertising in multiple issues!

(additional charge applies for front or back page placement)


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Business Directory Placement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. Efficient. Transparent.

How can I place an ad?

Placing an ad with Casa de la Luna is easy! Simply navigate to the "Place an Ad" page or click on any start button. From there, you can select your desired ad format, upload your creative assets, and wait for approval. Once approval is granted (~24hrs) you will be sent an invoice to complete the payment process and then expect your ad to be placed in the upcoming issue as long as you've submitted by the 15th of the prior issue month.

How often does a new issue come out?

A new issue of Casa de la Luna's full color print magazine and business directory e-newsletter is released monthly on the 1st. Each issue is packed with informative content, updates, and special offers related to women's health/wellness solutions, and our partner businesses.

Where and when are issues distributed?

Casa de la Luna distributes 10,000 print magazines to women in Manhattan neighborhoods during the first week of the month, ensuring physical copies are available in key locations frequented by our target audience. Additionally, our business directory newsletter is distributed digitally via email to our subscribers. This distribution strategy offers convenient access to fresh and relevant content for a diverse audience of an estimated 40k+ readers seeking solutions to niche care pain points.

Who can advertise?

Any business offering products or services related to periods, menopause, pregnancy, intimacy pain points, or other vaginal care solutions can advertise on Casa de la Luna. This includes but is not limited to healthcare providers, community groups, wellness brands, hygiene products, and more.

While we welcome advertisements from a wide range of businesses we maintain strict guidelines against promoting illegal or inappropriate activities, to maintain a professional and reputable advertising environment. Further, we advise readers to exercise discretion when engaging with our content and resources.

I'm a reader! I want more

We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying Casa de la Luna's print magazine! To stay up-to-date with the latest trends, product recommendations, and exclusive offers, be sure to join with a $5 lifetime membership that subscribes you to our exclusive digital business directory (navigate to our "Join" tab). You can also follow us on social media for additional updates and community engagement. Thank you for being a valued reader!